The Egg Harbor Business Association (EHBA) is a non-profit organization that represents the Village and Town of Egg Harbor. Founded in 1980, the Egg Harbor Business Association strives to serve the good of the community and its residents, as well as promote tourism and growth for its member companies. The EHBA operates a visitor center located in the village.

Mission Statement
To preserve Egg Harbor's charm while enhancing its economic well-being by providing an enjoyable and welcoming environment, resulting in the long-term success of our community.

Officers and Board Members

  • Jeff Larson, President  |  Landmark Resort 
  • Kim Jensen, Vice President  |  Mojo Enterprises
  • Deb Merkle-Schubert, Treasurer  |  Baylake Bank
  • Kate Rericha, Secretary  |  Birch Creek Music Performance Center
  • Kathleen Finnerty  |  Spa Verde
  • Pamela Wegner  |  Liberty Square, The Bistro Bar & Grill, Galileo's
  • Katie Harding  |  Wisconsin Cheese Masters
  • Pamela Flasch  |  Harbor Ridge Winery


  • Alyssa Rasmusson, Marketing & Visitor Center Manager, CTA
  • Jane Bishop
  • Helen Curtis, CTA
  • Raeona Jordan
  • Mary Ann Sippl, CTA